For Executive Directors Only

An EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR will receive RETIREMENT FUND BENEFIT of guaranteed P10,000.00 cash equivalent for every P25,000.00 GROSS GROUP SALES per month. The cash equivalent may double or triple depending on the maintained GGS at the minimum of P25,000.00 monthly for at least five (5) consecutive years.

Sample Computation:

Executive Director A monthly GGS = 1,000,000.00

P1,000,000/P25,000 = 40 units x 10,000 = P400,000.00

P400,000.00 x 5 yrs = P2,000,000.00 (Retirement Fund Benefit) assuming no increase of Monthly GGS for five (5) years.

GGS Retirement-1GGS Retirement Summary-1GGS Retirement Summary-2


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