Corporate Profile


Nourskin Corporation envisions to be the leading developer and distributor of Skin Care, Cosmetics, Nutri-ceuticals and Household Cleaning Products in the Philippines and the Asia-Pacific most admired for its uncompromised quality and unequalled efficacy.


Nourskin Corporation is determined to build, establish, and sustain solid business partnership from among its broad spectrum of users, dealers, and distributors guaranteed by utmost satisfaction, safeguarded by ethical business operational standards, generated by innovation, and strengthen by shared responsibility.

Core Values

1. Never-Quit Attitude

2. Openness & Integrity

3. Unity, Trust & Partnership

4. Respect & Courtesy

5. Self-Discipline

6. Kindness & Humility

7. Initiative & Responsibility

8. Negotiability & Fairness

Marketing Principles

1. Service-oriented – when we serve best, we are destined to last

2. Knowledge-empowered – when we know what to sell, we conquer the market

3. Innovation-generated – when we continue to innovate, we deserve to exist

4. Need-sensitive – when we remain sensitive to the need, we create advantage

5. Customer-responsive – when we initiate the right response, we establish satisfied customers

6. Advance-motivated – when we motivate marketing advancement, we continue to evolve

7. Resource-supportive – when we support and protect human and material resources, we value business relationship

8. Excellence-driven – when we are driven by excellence, we are determined to succeed